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Some of my Collection Fall 1994
Troy-Bilt 6hp Simar C5-6 Graham-Paige B-1-6
Simar C2 Rototiller® B-1-3 Roto-Ette Model 2

Simar A-5 1932

The Rototiller in America

In 1910 Dr. Konrad von Meyenburg of Basel, Switzerland, applied for
a patent for a "Machine for Mechanical Tillage"
Patent Number 1,018,843 was granted on February 27, 1912.
Numerous other patents were granted to von Meyenburg over the next 16 years

Dr. von Meyenburg explained the principle of his machine as:
"The power of earth cutting by edge tools depending
mainly upon the sharpness, section and surface of
the tools and their free cutting, I make them of small
section and surface, preferably self-sharpening,
elastic and independent; so that each edge, also rotated
mainly in a circle, may give way laterally and
backwardly, like the claws of a scraping animal, and
follow the way of least resistance upon a
trembling or shivery curve."

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If you are interested in antique rototillers, such as Ariens, Rototiller® Inc, Frazer, Graham-Paige, SIMAR, Bungartz, Siemens, Howard, M-E and others made between 1920 and 1960 please email me.

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