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The Other Players Page

At the end of WWII manufacturing in America was at a fever pitch. We were coming out of a war that helped to end The Great Depression of the 30's and the start of the move to the suburbs and individual homes.
Dates listed are dates that the firms are known to exist.

Atlas Power Equipment Co.
General Power Equipment Co.
Harvard, Illinois 60033

General Power Equipment was rhe parent compamy of Atlas, Lawn Chief, and Wheeler.
All three brands became the property of MTD.

Auto-Hoe, Inc.
West De Pere, Wisconsin

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Bachtold Brothers, Inc.
Forrest, Illinois

Barreto Manufacturing, Inc.

Engine powers a hydraulic pump, wheels and tines are then powered by hydraulic pressure.

David Bradley Manufacturing Works
Sears, Roebuck, Co.
Bradley, Illinois
Garden Tractor



David Bradley provided a rototiller attachment for the front of their garden tractors and a single purpose front tine machines.

There was also the DB 'Stick' for cultivating in small areas.

All three of these units were listed for sale on

Bray Corp.
Pasadena, California

Model 31 Tillex

The Bready Tractor & Implement Co.
Solon, Ohio
Bready 'Junior 100'

Bridgewater Plow Corporation
Bridgewater Tractor Co.
Bridgewater, VA.

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The Lodge & Shipley Company (1947)
Weber Engineering Products, Inc. (1953)
Farm & Garden (1955)
Magna American Corp.


Clinton Engine Corporation
Maquokeeta, Iowa 52060

Community Industries Association
George Garden Tools
Sullivan, Illinois
Terro-Tiller and Earthbird

Yardman Company


Yardman was acquired by MTD in 1975. Like Rototiller Inc., the former employees kept the Sullivan plant open, forming the Agri-Fab Company.

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Cultiller Company
New Brunswick, N.J.

Deere & Company
John Deere Road
Moline, Illinois 61265

Check with my local Deere & Co. dealer:

Detlan Equipment. Inc.
Route 113
Silverdale, PA 18962
(215) 257-5177

Deere & Co. produced three types of small rotary tillers, tractor mounted, rear tine, and front tine.

The very popular Model 110 Lawn and Garden Tractor had the Model 30 Rotary Tiller. Compact utility tractors Models 870, 970, 955, and 1070 used the Model 660 Rotary Tiller. The Sabre® Garden Tractors have a optional 30" working width rototiller.

Walk-Behind Rotary Tillers included the Model 524 introduced in 1971, Model 624 (1974), and Model 216 (1977). The Model 518R Rear Tine Tiller powered by a Briggs & Stratton 5 h.p. engine had a 16" tilling width capable to till 6" deep. The Model 820R Rear Tine Tiller was powered by a Briggs & Stratton 8 h.p. engine capable of tillong 7" deep. The Front Tine Model 314F Walk-Behind Tiller was powered by a Tecumseh 3 h.p. engine witha working width if 14" and a recommended tilling depth of 5".


Dille and McGuire
Richmond, Indiana

Sears, Roebuck vendor code number 121

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Eshelman Co.
Baltimore, Maryland

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Tom Moore Tractor
Tom Moore Tractor, Inc.
Mantua, Ohio

Feldman Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin 53085

The Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.
Akron, Ohio

Ford Tractor Operations
Ford Motor Company
Troy, Michigan 48084

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From Stock Certificates
Minneapolis, Minnesota


In 1925 the first Gamble-Skogmo store opened in St. Cloud, Minnesota, at one point there was 4,200 stores. Gamble's would compare to Western Auto, selling after market auto parts, hardware and of course lawn & garden equipment. Gamble-Skogmo was acquired in 1980 by the California based Wickes Corporation.

Garden Pal
Garden Pal Tractor Sales Company
Portland, Oregon

Garden-Spot Cultivator
Mellinger Manufacturing Co.
Willow Street, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Gilson Brother Co.
Plymouth, Wisconsin 53073

Gilson was acquired by Lawn-Boy, and Lawn Boy was acquired by Toro about 1988.

Goodall Mfg. Co.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gravely Motor Plow & Cultivator Company
Dunbar, West Virginia

Clarke-Gravely Corporation
A Studebaker-Worthington Company

Ariens Corp. acquired Gravely and moved its operations to Brillion. Gravely made a rotary plow attachment that would convert to a rotary cultivator by removing the plow 'Spade Blades' and rotor axle and sliding the culturator rotor axle into the gear box. The gauge wheel assy and shield was also removed, the cultvator was then secured to the gearbox to prevent from spinning, it wasn't just a slide off - slide on convertion.

The rotary plow operates upto 800 rpm's, and till to a depth upto 10" and 14" wide. The rotary cultivator is 26" wide. Rotary Plow p/n 22161
The Model 'D' single wheel garden tractor, no rotary plow or rotary cultivator attachment, was called the Imperial in Australia.

Gravely Links

Gravely Tractor Club of America
formerly: Model D&L Gravely Network
Email: Craig Seabrook

Steven Chalmers Gravely Website
Email: Steven Chalmers

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Haban Manufacturing Co.
Racine, Wisconsin 53404?

Hahn, Inc
2000 N. Sixth Avenue
Evansville 7, Indiana

Models   Width   Engine   H.P.   Starter
66-C-50 16" Clinton 2-1/2 Rope
66-CR 16" Clinton 3 Recoil
66-BR 16" B & S 3 Recoil
66-BBR 24" B & S 3 Recoil
Double Drive Belt
24" Clinton 3-1/2 Recoil

       Hahn Pow-R-Boy Model 66
Pow-R-Boy Model 66 Rotary Tiller

Rolle Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Lansdale, PA


If you find one of these, please let me know, I would be interested in acquiring it.

Hoffco, Inc.
Richmond, Indiana 47374

Homelite Division of Textron Inc.
Charlotte, North Carolina 28217

Hull Mfg. Co.
Wichita, Kansas

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International Harvestor Company
Chicago, Illinois 60611

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Jari Products Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tyler McDonald
La Mesa, California

If you find one of these, please let me know, I would be interested in acquiring it.

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King Tillers
Box 47
Plymouth, Wis.

The 3 hp Prince model was a front universal bolo tine machine. Contact drive no belt, width is 22" .

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Lawn Boy

Acquired by Toro, only lawn mowers are being made using the Lawn Boy brand name presently.

Lawn Chief Manufacturing Co.
General Power Equipment Co.
Harvard, Ill. 60033

Lawn Chief was the store brand for True Value Hardware stores. Now part of the MTD family.

Lazy Boy
see Parmi

Le Claire Mfg. Co.
Le Claire, Iowa


Two front tine models, the 5 hp Estate 210-385A and the Champion 210-320A. Four types of tines were sold, Universal Bolo, Slasher, Beaver, and Blade.

A Tiller-Tractor Garden Tractor offered an Tiller attachment that was installed by removing the 16" drive (pull) wheels and installing the tine assemblies.

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Magna American Corporation
P.O. Box 90 Hwy 18
Raymond, Mississippi 39154
Manufacturers of Choremaster, Tillsmith, Hustler and Private Label yard and garden equipment.

  Magna American (Magna Engineering Corp.) is better know for developing the Shopsmith 5-in-1 woodworking machine, ceased production in 1966. The present day Shopsmith Corp. is not connected to Magna American.

  Magna, as Magna American referred to them, models included the Briggs & Stratton Model 130292 5 h.p. chain drive tillers no. 500594 and 500595. These models used horizontal shaft Briggs & Stratton engines.

Dub-L-Til was a series of models that were equipped with more then the normal 4 bolo-tines per mounting plate. The 5 h.p. and 8 h.p. chain drive units had 8-bolo-tines per mounting plate. The 3-1/2 h.p. gear drive model had 6-bolo-tines per mounting plate. Magna American flyer for the Dub-L-Til claims "The aggresive tines, dig deeper with a faster forward motion across the ground, along with that smooth, easy-going ride. Takes the strain out of gardening and makes tilling a pleasure". The 5 h.p. and 8 h.p. models used horizontal shaft Briggs & Stratton engines, the 3-1/2 h.p. probably used a vertical shaft Briggs & Stratton engines, the flyer I have does not show the engine.


  Magna American tillers were also known as Tillsmith. The Tillsmith Ranger Model No. YT-3061, powered by a 3 h.p. vertical shaft Briggs & Stratton engine. Standard tilling width is adjustable from 10 to 30 inches. Additional tine sections can be acquired and extend the width upto 40 inches wide. The Tillsmith Ranger had only 3-bolo-tines per mounting plate.

  Magna offered a leveling drag attachment to aid in leveling the soil and elimate raking. This attachment can be used while tilling or in a separate operation. Other attachments included an adjustable depth furrower to makes rows for planting or making irrigation furrows.


Outdoor Distributors

Mainline of North America
81 U.S. Route 40 S.W.
P.O. Box 526
London, Ohio 43140
Tel: (614) 361-5343

  Mainline of North America formerly the Central States Mainline was an importer of BCS equipment from 1972 until 1980. Their equipment was all BCS with the big red "Mainline" label applied to the engine and tillers hoods. They were BCS models 715, 725, and 735 tillers with 20" and 26" wide tiller attachments. Thousands of Mainline tillers were sold. They also imported sickle bar attachments, snow throwers and cultivators.

 After 1980 Mainline was manufactured by BCS SEP. Business peaked in the late seventies and early eighties like Troy's at which time BCS SEP set up their own importation of the equipment.

 The company was founded by Paul A. Sullivan who was a technologist who wrote long comparisons comparing his machine with Troy-Bilt. His machine was clearly superior to the Troy products in everyway. He never had $30,000,000 to spend on advertising so he sold the BCS on its technical specifications in his long spec sheets. He never sold more than 10% of what Troy sold.

  Paul Sullivan, son of Paul A. Sullivan, operates Mainline of North America now. Mainline sells the Italian Goldoni two-wheel walking tractors and attachments. They sell attachments and parts for the BCS SEP and Goldoni machines, and parts for ACME, Lombardini, and Intermotor engines.

  Mainline also sold Howard Rotavators from 1946 to 1966, and still carry parts for Howard two-wheel tillers and the Howard Twin and J.A.P. engines.

Mainline Dealers

Richard Willever
176 Sunset Rd
Pompton Plains, NJ   07444
(201) 839-4719

Mang Tillers

M & M Parts Manufacturing
4802 Oliver Road or
4730 Winder Hwy.
Flowery Branch, GA 30542
Tel: (800) 635-4580
Tel: (770) 967-8836 or 8838
Fax: (770) 503-0594

Mead Specialties Company Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

see Parmi


Merry Tillers
Merry Manufacturing Company
Marysville Washington 98270
formerly of
138 Railroad Avenue
Edmonds Washington 98020

Merry Tillers would be described as a mid-tine tiller as the engine is in front of the tines with the transport wheel trailing the tines.

The Midland Co.
South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Midland made garden tractors for Montgomery Wards.

Mighty Mac
Amerind-MacKissic, Inc
MacKissic Inc.
Parker Ford, PA 19457

Triple-M Products Division
South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Montgomery Ward
South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Moto-Mower Inc.
Richmond, Indiana
See Rototiller Inc., Roto-Ette brand.

Moll Tool and Die Products Inc.
Cleveland, Ohio 44136

Rototiller Inc., Watco Products, and Garden Way material used by permission of MTD Products Inc.

Mulsifier Corporation
Detroit, Michigan

Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027

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Parmi Tool Co.
Lynn Indiana 47355

The Parts manual for one model was found. Model number TV86-5, a 5 hp mid-tine chain drive unit. This machine has several names on it, the handlebars cross member has Master-Till by Parmi on it. The belt guard from the engine to chain-drive transmission also states the name Lazy Boy.

J.C. Penney Co., Inc.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Planet Jr.
S. L. Allen & Co.
Philadelphia, PA

S.L. Allen & Company not only made the Planet Jr line of garden tractors and the finest tools use by numerous garden tractor companies but also the Flexible Flyer Sled, the best snow sled ever made. On the night of 6 April, 2009 the old S.L. Allen factory at 5th and Tioga Streets in the Kensington section of Philadelphia was destoryed by fire.


Burns Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Louisville Georgia
A Sudsidiary of Draper Corp.

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Quick Manufacturing Inc.
This the same tiller sold by Western Auto as its Wizard model.



Springfield Models
also made by Quick Manufacturing Inc.
Model numbers were 63VTR (3 hp) 64VTR-4 (4 hp) both with vertical shaft engines. And the 63HT or 63HTR (3 hp) and 64HTR-4 (4 hp) with horizontal shaft engines.

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Seaman Rototiller

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See Magna American above.

Tillsmith was made by Magna American Corp.
MTD now owns Magna American.

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Wisconsin Engines

Davlin Services Inc.

Wizard Rotary Tiller
Kansas City 8, Missouri


Outdoor Distributors

Western Auto Dealer Store
Fortuna, CA
Attn: Sondra

Tina Pool-Dickinson
Communications Manager
Western Auto Supply Company
816-316-4418 - phone
816-316-4495 - fax

Model 4XC5705

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Yellowbird Tiller Cultivator

Precision Valley Manufacturing Co., Woodstock, VT
3-hp Briggs & Stratton Engine


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